stan ep7 preview

and for those that want a sneak peak.


Episode 7

In less than an hour we’ll be jumping into the BigHonkinMobile and driving up to New York for the Channel 102 screening. Like The Beatles on Ed Sullivan or the 1893 World’s Fair, I have no doubt tonight’s screening will be one of those rare touchstones that mark a seismic shift in American culture. We can even get tacos afterwards.


and while we are at it...

i totally forgot to put up the covers from last month's STAN.

because i am a tool.

and lazy.

a lazy tool.

so much to everyone's anticlimactic excitement; the covers.

"The Defenders Of Stan" Episode 7 is currently in production, and we're all very excited about it, despite being very tired from two 6-7 hour shoots.

a blast from the past...

so. this came out over christmas. which i find funny. happy birthday, jesus! we're bastardizing you.

so thusly, i post this. because, even though it's been over a year, and we never saw our vision come to an end on our own terms, people are still talking about it.

in british smut mags.

thanks to harrison and mac for letting us know our show was in here.

"Jesus Christ, Supercop" on Channel102.net