THE DEFENDERS OF STAN 19...and then some

Okey dokey. So here's the thing.

we KNOW we actually turned in the last episode of "The Defenders Of Stan" a few weeks ago to channel101:NY (where, i might add, we got second place--losing only to OUR OWN SHOW). But we wanted to space apart the uploads, as the next screening of channel101:NY won't be until early next year (boo! hiss! boo!)

so without further ado, the comic book cover from "The Defenders Of Stan 19: The Curse of Dr. Unstoppable!"

It's been uploaded to http://www.defendersofstan.com/ and THE BiG HONKIN' youtube & channel101:NY

But wait...what's this? I've clearly already uploaded the comic book cover for this month's episode. So what's that comic book cover doing down there?

Well, friend, i'll tell you. That comic book cover is the cover to an actual comic book! That's right. And just in time for the holidays!

Sure, the 2 year anniversary was a few months ago...Sure, it took us a little while to make this available online. but good things come to those who wait (note...i should point out that everyone who attended the last live screening channel101:NY screening got a FREE copy...but it's cool. you were busy).

"The Defenders Of Stan - Bring Your Brother To Work Day" on sale now!



i found this funny.

when we log into our web-hosts control panel, one helpful little feature is being able to see where most of our traffic comes from.

for instance, last month:
-4501 hits to our site were direct request, meaning 4501 people typed it straight into their browsers.
-2410 hits came from this very blog, http://thebighonkin.blogspot.com, which means we know you're reading and clicking...you just never say anything. the silent treatment, eh?
-932 hits were directly from http://www.defendersofstan.com/
-416 hits came straight from http://www.thedefendersofstan.com/ (we own both, though they all go to the same place).
-and so on and so forth

one other neat thing is being able to tell what people are searching for when they end up at our site.

i logged in today to see if we'd gotten any traffic from our appearance on Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour, and when i'd scrolled through all the referrers, i noticed the search strings.

now, it's early in the month, and we've yet to put up the new Stan episode, so thats why the search numbers are low (by the end of the month, we'll do much better). but i saw this and just started laughing.

click for larger:

for starters, i'd love to see how dissapointed the guy searching for "big honkin' tits" was when we stumbled to our site. Captain Ultra's man-boobs hardly count as tits. thanks searcher, for restoring my faith in humanity.

secondly, i'm going to be blunt here. there is no Jesus Christ Supercop 7. there will never be a Jesus Christ Supercop 7. we got cancelled from channel101 NY on episode 6, followed by a racial-slur shit storm on the 101 forums, and with that, we'd made up our minds to end it there. we just want to make people laugh. and sure, having Jesus play a foul-mouthed cop and dating a tourrettes-ridden girlfriend is irreverent. But causing a big ta-doo in which people act hateful towards other people is not our cup of tea. and to be honest, Meredith is the only one of us that drinks tea.

speaking of Meredith. I see this come up in searches a lot, so i'll answer this here. The song in Jesus Christ Supercop 6 is Meredith Bragg and The Terminals - My Only Enemy. it's a beautiful song.


THE BiG HONKIN' on Dr. Blogstein PT II

Hey everyone,

listen to us sound like idiots, fumble trying to be funny, and generally not provide any useful information!


THE BiG HONKIN' on Dr. Blogstein

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 11th) at 9pm, THE BiG HONKIN', the jackasses that make the show "The Defenders Of Stan," will be on Dr Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour!

All you gotta do is tune in and listen:




Stan 18 production stills

An episode like "The Defenders Of Stan - ep. 16," the one with the four guys playing cards and telling stories, has a LOT of actors and locations, which meant that each little bit would take up less screen time because there were so many other little bits that we had to cram into five minutes. So when we're on shoots like this, often times driving to a location for the sake of something that will only have 10 seconds of screen time, we get our coverage and then have a little bit of time to take photos and do alternate takes, etc., because we get into a "well we drove all the way here, might as well have some fun" mentality.

But when we shoot an episode like "The Defenders Of Stan - ep. 18," we're shooting in less locations but for a lot longer time. And when that happens, we end up making people hang around for a lot longer. And when that happens, we get into a "let's get our coverage and let these people go home" mentality, during which we often forget about things like making sure we take production stills or making sure we have all of the dialogue in close-up. you know, trivial stuff like that.

so we're really grateful when other people, often times extras who are just waiting around out--of the kindness of their hearts--for us to get to their bit, snap some photos for us.

so here, without further ado, are the few photos we have from "The Defenders Of Stan - Ep 18: Two Men and a Super-Baby???"

Meredith, the super-stud that he is, showing off his studliness and probably acting as a lighting stand-in. Tickets to the gun-show: $14.99. get 'em while they're hot. Photo by Josh Gross.

Running through a scene while Captain Ultra's face blurs off. Another one of Josh's famous "photos of the viewfinder while we see what's IN the viewfinder in the background" shots.

Stan and Captain Ultra get some heavy news.

Stan is really excited about a floating logo.

And the following are cell-phone pictures taken by Amanda Crelia. They're tiny, but between NO production stills and TINY production stills, i'll take what i can get.

Across the street after Stan hops out of his car.

Super-Sean reliving the glory days from high school.

Now, i've mentioned before, THE BiG HONKIN' is a three man crew. here's a great example of this: Meredith running camera, Austin on camera, and Hunter in a very uncomfortable costume being boom-operator outside and in public.

And another example, Austin is running sound for our super-lawyer to serve Captain Ultra.


Brand New Series!

Hey everyone!

in an effort to expand our horizons past prancing around in tights, we made a brand new web series simply titled "Roommates."

we're excited to finally share this with you all.

click linky watch the fun fun.

thanks everyone!


now with video!

more stan stuff soon!



why, fancy seeing you here!

here's the comic book cover for "The Defenders Of Stan" episode 18: "Two Men and a Super-Baby???"

this is a note to myself: Hunter...if you ever THINK about having kids, look at the above cover. ~hunter

The episode is online now at

we have a few production stills, and a LOT of cool prop stuff coming soon!


"blog, blog, blog!"

okey dokey.

really quickly:

"THE DEFENDERS OF STAN" episode 17 was shot in one day, i believe, with a few reshoots spilling into a second. it was all in one location, so there weren't many exciting things to take photos of, or props to build.

because of that, i only have a small handful of production stills.

SO, here they be.

this was the basic setup for the whole shoot. we got a fun LED light panel earlier, and got to really use it here, to sort of mimic the cool-tinted light that comes off of a computer monitor when someone is on their webcam.

Stan receives a traffic ticket for being a douchebag. this is actually MY traffic ticket...for being a douchebag.

two of my favorite bits, together at last: the fake Stan beard (originally from episode 12...we had to dig through a lot of boxes to find it), and the Stan blog mask.

Ultra-Stan, Stan-Stan, Stan-on-a-stick.

AAAAAAAAAND, below, you can download and make your very own Stan mask!

Seriously...do it. print it. make a video blog and post it as a response to episode 17...that would be awesome.

i'll have episode 18 stuff up soon.



see **STAN 18** before everyone else!

Hey everyone, this month, The Defenders Of Stan and ny.channel101.com are part of the New York Independent Television Festival.

this is gonna be a really cool screening, followed by a panel discussion featuring Mitch from "Mister Glasses," Curtis and John from Adult Swim's "Fat Guy Stuck In Internet" and Hunter from "The Defenders of Stan." (so you can all call Captain Ultra fat to his face, rather than the emails).

on top of getting to see the new episode before everyone else (suckers) in a theatre, the screening is free, and we're giving out a really cool, super secret "The Defenders Of Stan" surprise to the first 200 people. that's right. for free. all ya gotta do is show up, watch the shows and vote for your favorite 5...hopefully that includes us...right, guys? right?

hope to see you there.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 at the NYTVF,
340 W. 50th St, New York, NY

i will finally put up the production still we took and some other stuff from ep 17 before i do any other 18 posts.