STAN 16 production stills part 2

for me, production stills break into three categories:
1. stills taken WHILE shooting
2. stills taken before/after shooting (usually to highlight art direction, costume design, something slightly impressive that people might want to take a closer look at)
3. stills taken before/after shooting meant to look like they were taken WHILE shooting.

i wonder which category these fall into.

i'll go over playing poker, abiding by Capital City rules. 1. each player must have at least 8 cards in his hand at all times: even bathroom breaks.

2. third hands are a plus: helpful for snacking, scratching, and hiding cards under the table.

3. extra points awarded for showing off mad jug-band skills during a game.

4. the key to victory is a stern, solemn poker face. also, for whatever reason, you play counter-clockwise.

5. posing is a must.

6. if you lose all of your money, other types of chips can be substituted for poker chips in lightning rounds. oh yes. in Capital City, there are lightning rounds.

7. write a script, then play out the game in a totally scripted way so that everyone knows how much they will be losing that night.

hopefully this has been helpful in getting you up to speed on playing with CC's "finest"

more stills, etc. coming soon.


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Thiago Cruz said...

I love those behing the scenes material. Specially when they come with some sort of technical commentary. Please post more!

and... well... I Wish I knew the superpower of the blue guy!