see the *NEW* "The Defenders Of Stan" before everyone else!

hello everybody!

if you live in or around NYC, and want to see the brand new "The Defenders Of Stan" before everyone else, you should come to:

158 Ludlow St.
(at Stanton)
New York, NY

Monday, Aug 4 at 7pm and 8:30pm

it's FREE to get in!

come out, watch "The Defenders Of Stan," and a bunch of other really cool shows, vote for us (so we can keep making more) and chat with "Stan" and "Captain Ultra"!

otherwise, you'll have to wait til Tues, August 5th like everyone else.

hope to see ya there,

***that isn't the ACTUAL comic book cover for this month. fear not***

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Jessica said...

so i know this isn't the right place to post this, but whatevs. i went to see how many defenders of stans there are on channel101.com, and holy CRAP, there are a lot! however, i saw the cast credits posted for episode 5, and i'm not in it! i'm the hilarious date with the great acting ability! what's that about, dudes? :) though... i guess it should say jessica sheehan now...
a legend in her own mind,
jessica borash sheehan