now with video!

more stan stuff soon!


Jaymz Eberly said...

ok well i think you guys are genius with all the films you guys make... but now you guys are pissing me off!!! i want new stuff or I want to hear why not and good reasons... like a) your making like a real good episode of one of your film stories or b) your doing something bigger and better and it will be out soon... i will not tolerate c) you guys got lazy and thought you cash in on the fame and go to hollywood to show your faces and see if you could get movie parts in the next rambo or something...sorry no more rambos!!! and plus i am here in hollywood, I did not see you!!! thanks for your understanding... now quit reading and go find something to post,write, etc... :) Jaymz of EberlyPhoto.com

Noya said...

Well written article.