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hey everyone, we wanted to once again thank everyone for voting for us. it feels good knowing that 96 out of 101 people voted for our show at the screening. and then we wonder who those other five people are and what the fuck their problem is.


anyways, here are some production stills from this past episode. YAY.

everyone in the Quizzlers Lair.

Stan & Ultra press photo.

in the studio


another from the Quizzlers Lair.

smoke break.


the studio mess. sometimes it seems like we spend more time cleaning up the messes we make than actually shooting.

table full-o-props.

rear-projected wall climbing. by far one of the most ridiculous things to set up and shoot, considering it's only given about 2 seconds of screen time. note the high-tech rope holding device.

austin in the studio riding a bike that doesnt like to give rides. we had about a week and a half of preproduction on this episode, polishing the story, gathering props, finding actors, etc. we were having a hard time finding a bike, much less an OLD bike for the shoot. meredith found this at a yard-sale on the way from charlottesville to arlington on the day of the outside shoot.

press photo #2

THE BiG HONKIN' climbs a wall.

still from the animated intro. between writing, finding props, shooting, scoring the entire damned episode, our full-time jobs and everything else, this intro took me about two weeks in all of my free time to draw. drawings were hand-drawn, scanned, then colored, animated and effected in the computer. two words: never. again.

and the cover, for those who like that sort of thing;

this particular cover was modeled after the cover for BATMAN #9. if anyone knows what i'm talking about, then i probably dont have to explain it anyway. because youre a nerd.

lastly, you can watch "THE DEFENDERS OF STAN episode 8: Bat-Phoning It In!" and all the other episodes over at channel102, and we also are proud to announce that www.defendersofstan.com is live. just not VERY live.

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