102 is famous!

It was brought to our attention that, even though we weren't specifically mentioned IN the actual article, Time Out NY put "The Defenders of Stan" as the face of channel 102 in their article outlining the 50 essential New York Secrets!

congrats to all of our 102 peers and, specifically, John and Curtis for their nod in the article.

here are some scans.

the cover.

the page containing a frame from The Defenders Of Stan episode 10.

and with that, we'll have some news about some of our other projects, and some production stills and the cover from The Defenders Of Stan episode 11


Dyna said...

And hovering behind the article is a big ol' gay orgy mural painted by Keith Haring

Captain Ultra said...

yeah. whilst 102 is famous, it's not as famous and group fellatio.