backlog pt1

THE DEFENDERS OF STAN episode 10 came and went, and then we got swamped. but we took another first place for it, and for that we thank you.

some fun facts:
1. the whole thing was shot and posted in 12 days, thats TWO days less than episode 9.
2. the majority of us here at THE BiG HONKIN' camp were really sick.
3. last count, there were about 5 shots that didnt have some sort of crazy post-production in them.

So this is the cover for the episode, posted over a month late. it's mean to echo the previous one, as 9 and 10 were two parts of the same show. these are all pretty much hand-drawn, and since i'm really slow, take about a day each to do.

here are some production stills from the episode:

"Stan Kong" all pretty-like. truth be told, i think this was actually from episode 9, but until a friend forwards some pics he snapped, we'll all just have to pretend this is REALLY interesting.

austin was pretty miserable walking around as Kong. he stuffed his cheeks with cotton, wore fake teeth, had about 20 minutes of makeup to put on, and walking and hunching like an ape gave him pretty bad back pains. and we had two identical shirts for Stan and his ape-counterpart. One was austin's size, and the other was too small, although i'm not sure it reads on camera. it's all in the details, people. the details that no one but us pays attention to.

add all that to the fact that we were acting with vague ideas about where things be in the final product (60% of this thing was shot green-screen), and you have quite a full 12 days.

So the funny thing about this is that THIS was our whole audience. These six kind people drove an hour out of their way to sit around for hours in a mall comedy-club to make up an entire audience, even though about half of them hadn't even seen the show before.

Here you can see a horde of capes and wigs off in the distance that the actors would switch in and out of. we'd shoot each vertical column of people and then combine them in post. it's like cloning, only without the stem cells and crying.

NEXT, i will have some of our crappy storyboards to check out.

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