happy holidays, douchebags!

we, here at THE BiG HONKIN', love the holidays. because we're greedy.

but this year, we thought "let's not be greedy. let's give."

we all laughed a lot at the thought of that, and i think milk even came out of meredith's nose, but then it hit us: we can be greedy BY giving. you see, we make something for you, and you watch it and show it to a family member or friend who's never seen it before and you all "oooh" and "ahhh" and laugh. so we get back what we gave three-fold...suckers.

so, in the spirit of giving, we've made a super-exclusive holiday episode of The Defenders Of Stan, available only at our website. that's right, we aren't even competing with this in channel102! this is to you, from us.

you're welcome.

"The Defenders Of Stan: The Gift of the Magi(c cards)" can only be seen at the official website, www.thedefendersofstan.com.

i'll have some production stills and maybe even a before and after effects shot soon.

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