STAN holiday behind the scenes stuffy-do

let me first start out by saying "happy holidays" and "thank you for watching our The Defenders Of Stan Holiday Special!" We all really appreciate it. Remember to share it with someone who has never seen it before this holiday season.

So here are some production stills from the episode, along with a THE BiG HONKIN' first: an effects breakdown video.

productions stills:

Mike Bass weaseling his way out of painting his hands blue by wearing gloves. we'll get you next time, Gadget! next time.

the mantle at Stan's new place.

Mike, still putting on gloves. I'm not sure if that's Austin's leg or my leg in the bottom, but it gives this shot a very "casting couch" feel.

The official Shakespeare bust replica from the "Batman" tv series. we didn't have this for episode 8, unfortunately, but we'd like to thank our friend Wendy from WB for sending this to us. We try to work it into as many episodes as we can.

Stan's stocking. The glitter paint was still wet...and got everywhere. i tried to make it as reminiscent of the Stan logo, going so far as to print out the letters and tracing them.

a blue Super Santa. Evil children, take flight!

Captain Ultra's stocking. i love how it's too long to see all of it in the episode.

In printing this out for the episode, i realized how confused people must have been when words contained both 'k's and 'f's in olden times, because the letters look almost identical. fucf that.

This is the "before" and "after" shot's of my favorite comic panel for the holiday episode intro. nothing says Merry Christmas like Santa getting decked in the face.

AND, here is the video of the "before" and "after" footage for the track into Stan's new house. its extra nerdy!

higher res quicktime available here

happy holidays, everyone!