stan 12 production stills

hey everyone. here we have a few production stills from "The Defenders Of Stan-Ep. 12"

when two brothers run for office, the phones dont stop ringin'

Captain Ultra's fake family. Kids in spandex=comedy. i also love that all three of them (Amanda, Pat and Josh) have blonde hair in this shot, and Ultra clearly doesnt and just found a random family to pose with.

Superheroes, pose!

Stan and Fantastic 4 News reporter, Vicki Valiant. this is what it looks like if your camera is in your car in 20 degree weather, and then you bring it into a house and take a picture with it. it fogs up and looks like a hazy dream sequence from Saved By the Bell.

The saddest thing about this scene is that in the two earlier takes, i'd been singing into one of the combs that Ultra gave Stan in our holiday episode. looking at this photo, it's no wonder people find Captain Ultra so attractive.

Mike Setti makes his way back to Capital City this month, going batshit crazy screaming "yeaaahgghhh!" which, in fact, IS written in the script. At least he wasn't on fire this time.

posers. i'd love to know what made Austin and I decide to look so concerned. because then, maybe, i'd have something interesting to write under this.

"The Defenders Of Stan-Ep 12: United We Stan" is up on www.thedefendersofstan.com (high res.), channel102.net (med res.), and now our youtube (little-to-no res.).

props photos, including the entire newspaper (articles and all), coming soon.


Dyna said...

Not that the effort put into the newspaper isn't amazing and excessive, but I'm utterly preoccupied with wondering where you got such a big chess piece for Dark Horse.

Vicky said...

Show the comb!