i found this funny.

when we log into our web-hosts control panel, one helpful little feature is being able to see where most of our traffic comes from.

for instance, last month:
-4501 hits to our site were direct request, meaning 4501 people typed it straight into their browsers.
-2410 hits came from this very blog, http://thebighonkin.blogspot.com, which means we know you're reading and clicking...you just never say anything. the silent treatment, eh?
-932 hits were directly from http://www.defendersofstan.com/
-416 hits came straight from http://www.thedefendersofstan.com/ (we own both, though they all go to the same place).
-and so on and so forth

one other neat thing is being able to tell what people are searching for when they end up at our site.

i logged in today to see if we'd gotten any traffic from our appearance on Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour, and when i'd scrolled through all the referrers, i noticed the search strings.

now, it's early in the month, and we've yet to put up the new Stan episode, so thats why the search numbers are low (by the end of the month, we'll do much better). but i saw this and just started laughing.

click for larger:

for starters, i'd love to see how dissapointed the guy searching for "big honkin' tits" was when we stumbled to our site. Captain Ultra's man-boobs hardly count as tits. thanks searcher, for restoring my faith in humanity.

secondly, i'm going to be blunt here. there is no Jesus Christ Supercop 7. there will never be a Jesus Christ Supercop 7. we got cancelled from channel101 NY on episode 6, followed by a racial-slur shit storm on the 101 forums, and with that, we'd made up our minds to end it there. we just want to make people laugh. and sure, having Jesus play a foul-mouthed cop and dating a tourrettes-ridden girlfriend is irreverent. But causing a big ta-doo in which people act hateful towards other people is not our cup of tea. and to be honest, Meredith is the only one of us that drinks tea.

speaking of Meredith. I see this come up in searches a lot, so i'll answer this here. The song in Jesus Christ Supercop 6 is Meredith Bragg and The Terminals - My Only Enemy. it's a beautiful song.



Seth said...

you know... the site could use some big honkin' tits.
I'm sure "roommates" will sooner or later address internet porn.

Curtis Donnohue said...

2,273 of those hits to your blog were all me. Don't ask me how, just... take my word for it. It's all part of this elaborate plan to make your spirits soar and then, when you least suspect it, I... uh... okay, in all honesty, I have no idea what I was planning to do at that particular junction.

... I bet it would have been spectacular though.

Michael D said...

If it makes you feel any better, searching for "Austin Bragg's tits" got me a visit from our IT person.