Stan 18 production stills

An episode like "The Defenders Of Stan - ep. 16," the one with the four guys playing cards and telling stories, has a LOT of actors and locations, which meant that each little bit would take up less screen time because there were so many other little bits that we had to cram into five minutes. So when we're on shoots like this, often times driving to a location for the sake of something that will only have 10 seconds of screen time, we get our coverage and then have a little bit of time to take photos and do alternate takes, etc., because we get into a "well we drove all the way here, might as well have some fun" mentality.

But when we shoot an episode like "The Defenders Of Stan - ep. 18," we're shooting in less locations but for a lot longer time. And when that happens, we end up making people hang around for a lot longer. And when that happens, we get into a "let's get our coverage and let these people go home" mentality, during which we often forget about things like making sure we take production stills or making sure we have all of the dialogue in close-up. you know, trivial stuff like that.

so we're really grateful when other people, often times extras who are just waiting around out--of the kindness of their hearts--for us to get to their bit, snap some photos for us.

so here, without further ado, are the few photos we have from "The Defenders Of Stan - Ep 18: Two Men and a Super-Baby???"

Meredith, the super-stud that he is, showing off his studliness and probably acting as a lighting stand-in. Tickets to the gun-show: $14.99. get 'em while they're hot. Photo by Josh Gross.

Running through a scene while Captain Ultra's face blurs off. Another one of Josh's famous "photos of the viewfinder while we see what's IN the viewfinder in the background" shots.

Stan and Captain Ultra get some heavy news.

Stan is really excited about a floating logo.

And the following are cell-phone pictures taken by Amanda Crelia. They're tiny, but between NO production stills and TINY production stills, i'll take what i can get.

Across the street after Stan hops out of his car.

Super-Sean reliving the glory days from high school.

Now, i've mentioned before, THE BiG HONKIN' is a three man crew. here's a great example of this: Meredith running camera, Austin on camera, and Hunter in a very uncomfortable costume being boom-operator outside and in public.

And another example, Austin is running sound for our super-lawyer to serve Captain Ultra.

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dave said...

why don't you get some snot-nosed drama major to be your intern or something? that'd give them some much needed real life experience (and possibly a "Thanks to Snot-Nosed Intern" credit) and you guys could boss around a snot-nosed intern and make them lug bags and stuff?

just a thought,