Stan 13 production stills...

we're a bit behind right now. we, at THE BiG HONKIN', are working on something like four projects right now. and we're exhausted.

here are some production stills from "THE DEFENDERS OF STAN-EP 13: Mind Game."

this episode deals a lot in the inner monologues of our two "heroes." to work this out, we ended up recording the voice over for these lines first, and then meredith would play them offscreen so that we could react to them onscreen, rather than the other way around.

i, personally, have such a hard time delivering lines or reacting if i dont have some sort of interaction or someone to talk to or something to make me react, so this method worked much better for me than shooting the scenes first and reading voiceover in post. it also allowed for some fun timing things that would have been much harder to sync up.

Austin looks thrilled to be delivering another take of voiceover.

i believe this is during the circus music/monkey noises bit.

with two or three other projects going on, we wrote this script intending for it to be a one day shoot. then reality kicks us in the pants that we spend forever lighting, mic-ing, and doind take after take to get the right feeling, look, emotion, or speed (a five-minute time limit has forced us to reshoot SOOOO many times). so this would be our second re-shoot (shoot day 3), and i'd given up putting the stupid uncomfortable spandex pants on.

Who made a pretty? WHO made a pretty? Austin made a pretty.

halfway through a battery life, and a new tape (TC: 0:00:00:00).

As i've mentioned before, we own two Shakespeare busts. One was purchased for "The Defenders Of Stan-Episode 8: Bat-Phoning It In," our 67 Batman homage, and one was given to us by our friend Wendy, because of said episode. Whenever we shoot Stan's living room, we try to make sure we get at least one of them in the shot somewhere.

Ok, i'm sure this comes as a big surprise to everyone, but i don't know how to play chess. So this episode was as much a learning experience for me as it was a shoot. So if anyone wants to play me, i'll take you on as long as you move your pieces in the exact same moves that Austin did. Also, if you look very closely, the baby we shook in "The Defenders Of Stan-Episode 12: United We Stan," is in the top right corner, laying face down under a greenscreen.

Sleepy Austin.

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