STAN 12 props: part 2 of 3

hey everyone, we've been really busy working on a few new projects as well as getting Stan 13 done, and i'm a douche and am just now getting to all this stuff. so, besides the newspaper, this post deals with all of the props we built for this episode.

so, according to meredith who enjoys smart things (yeah...i know), in the documentary "the war room," which follows bill clinton campaigning, james carville wrote a bunch of stuff on a whiteboard, and in efforts to make Stan's living room look more "campaign headquarters"ey, we made our own version and then took a terrible photo of it. enjoy!

so early on, austin called dibs on putting this together: this is our balloon drop for the end of the episode. now, it's pretty technical, as i'm sure you can see, and i don't wanna give away all of our trade secrets, but here we have professor bragg at work, with his blue lab assistant, re-rigging his invention.

the printed materials for the campaigning were really fun to put together. i liked that we could be meta for a second and put the series web addy on the signs.

both Stan and Captain Ultra had campaign stickers for everyone. and if you look closely to see them you will strain your eyes and sue us because i'm not sure you can even tell.

i'm not sure if he called it or was short-strawed this, but meredith hand-painted these banners to put up in the campaign nerve center, and the paint was still wet as we hung them up. we're like that. we wait til the last possible second to do anything. because it's more fun if it's stressful. they now decorate mer's office.

okay. so obviously we didnt make this, but our friend dyna asked about it, so here's a close up. i spent DAYS trying to find something like this (honestly i wanted something that covered the whole head and the wearers face pops through the front, but i figured that i'd take what i could get). this was purchased from megachess.com and are apparently intended for some group of idiots with nothing better to do to set up a giant chess board and have kids strap these things on and act as the pieces while two other nimrods live out some weird 'gamemaster' fantasy. why, you ask? because chess simply isn't fucking big enough. and everyone knows that games aren't worth playing if they involve any less than 34 people.


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