STAN 13 props

we've only really got a few things to post for props this month, because, besides the chess board, there wasn't really much we used.

after Captain Ultra lands in Stan's kitchen, he gets a brew out of the fridge, revealing a shopping list. "hey, what should we put on the fridge?" "oh, i got it." **grabs marker, comedy ensues**

i take absolutely no credit or blame for this. in interest of time and "that's not funny," we ended up cutting a bit where Stan is sitting at the chess board panicking because he's losing to Captain Ultra, while Ultra is making dirty rhymes on the fridge. lyrics to a new Captain Ultra single maybe?

as will hines pointed out at the last screening, we really made a few holiday cards based on the one that is seen in our Holiday Episode, The Gift Of The Magi(c Cards) in lieu of a comic book cover. this is was also on the fridge.

this could really be filed under "special effects" rather than props. but it's a 3d model of some jelly that i threw together for the bit where Captain Ultra is tossing things out of a cabinet toward Stan. if anyone cares about this kinda stuff, i'll explain. 1. We shot the scene with me pretending to toss the jelly, panning across the room, and ending at the wall. Then i motion tracked the camera movement, modeled the jelly, and composited in After Effects.

i WILL get some fun deleted scenes from episode 12, that i still have to compress, one of these days.

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