STAN 12 props: part 3 of 3

so this is a little different.

this post deals with props that were digitally created. and since there are only really two i'm gonna discuss, this will be brief.

so this is our SCBS Evening News correspondent, Dan Raptor. And i know: Dan Rather quit. but we couldnt pass up using "raptor." anyway, we needed a background for our anchor, so i put together the "set" from above, loosely based on the picture below. (loosely=poorly)

why would someone take a picture of a tv?!

so as the episode goes on, Captain Ultra gets more and more "America"ed out. so we decided he'd have his own version of the flag. the above is the first 3d model i ever built from scratch. (impressive, i know) but i'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

here is a detail, since it gets lost in tiny internet video.

and here is the whole thing without the Ultra logo obscuring it.

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