A-KON and STAN, sittin in a tree...

A-KON is an Anime / Cop Culture Conference held in Dallas Texas from May 30 - June 1 this year, and is the oldest continually running anime-based convention in north america: 19 years straight.

The attendance can be upwards of 15,000 people, with most dressed like their favorite Anime/Manga/Video Game/Comic characters. Maybe next year, Captain Ultra will strap on his spandex and strut the scene. Besides demo's, presentations, special guest speakers, seminars, contesets, etc., one of the really awesome things they do for conference attendees is have their own TV station, A-KON TV, running throughout the hotel, with programming that's geared towards conference goers.

This year, The Defenders Of Stan is going to be featured on the channel. That's right, anyone attending the conference can check "...Stan" out! The Defenders of Stan will be showing on the A-KON TV channel at the Sheraton Dallas. Current plans are to show the full block of Stan twice a day, once during the midday "primetime" and again on the overnights, for 4 days (starting the night before the conference, and ending the evening after). How freakin cool is that?!

thanks so much to Seth Richardson from A-KON for making this happen. We're really excited for a whole new group of people, who probably wouldn't have ordinarily known about us, to be introduced to our show!

click here to check out the A-KON TV demo reel: highlights of what's being featured on the channel this year.

and click here to check out A-KON's official conference website.

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