STAN 14 production stills

a lot of times, while we shoot, we get so wrapped up in the "get in, get what we need, get out and let our friends stop dressing like idiots" mentality that we forget to take a lot of production stills. this is especially true with The Defenders Of Stan episode 14. this shoot had us going all over the place, on top of the fact that we're working on other things at the same time.

Stan, in Captain Ultra's body, Captain Ultra in Stan's body, and Vicki Valiant on a date.

Stan's office buddies look about as thrilled to be listening to Captain Ultra as Stan is being related to him.

Captain Ultra in Stan's body, hits on a coworker. This was a scene from the alternate cut.

Setting up. Thanks to WIT for letting us rent their amazing camera again. this was our third ever time shooting on multiple cameras. it made for a faster shoot since we could do reverses at the same time, and we had time restraints in The Blue Moon Diner in charlottesville, Va.

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