STAN 15 production stills

hey folks, some production stills of The Defenders Of Stan ep 15: Terrible Twos.

we had a lot of fun working on this one, even though it was a lot of work. maybe i'll get into that later. who knows. anywhoot. lets see pictures!

here's our favorite anti-hero and his robot clone enjoying a nice, relaxing smoke after a long day of shooting. we shot for 4 days total i believe, which is relatively short for us. but they were LONG days.

going over some lines and timing before the couch shoot. austin was off getting ready to sit still for hours.

to sing, one needs to warm up their vocal chords and make sure your throat isn't dry. OBVIOUSLY, because of how freaking beautiful the song worked out*, diet soda is the beverage of choice for singers.

* i'm humoring myself here.

again, sharing a lighter. it's amazing how much a clone actually looks like the real deal.

i'll have a few more production stills soon, and will upload the video to youtube this week.

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