STAN 15 production stills part 2

once again, i'm here to share a few more production stills from The Defenders Of Stan ep14-"terrible twos."

every episode, we strive for doing something new, challenging ourselves in some way we havent before. this particular episode was a lesson in 1. writing and 2. subtle effects.

for the writing aspect, we decided early on that it would be fun to have the two Captain Ultra's relationship sour based on it's own merit: no outside influences. this meant that we have our title character, Stan, silent for about 75% of the episode. in fact, these are Stan's only lines:
1. "i'll get it in a minute."
2. "yeah, i said i'll get it in a minute!"
3. "i love you, Ted."
4. "shouldn't we take him apart?"
5. "great."

and for the effects aspect, we really strived to make an episode that is, at it's core, an effects episode that doesn't FEEL like an effects episode. in fact, there are 23 effects shots (two got cut for time), and really there are only a handful that FEEL like effects sequences...at least i hope that's the way it came off.

but sometimes, the most effective visuals are done in camera. like drawing balls on someones face.

as you can tell, i'm extremely exciting to be covered with ink. that and the fact that i had to sit in a box for 30 minutes almost dead still with my eyes open for good chunks of time didnt help (originally the shot at the end was going to be a dolly in, but this was changed to a progressive zoom in cut sequence for time and effect).

there's probably a reason that it looked like i hadn't slept in days. the basement scene was filmed days after the rest of the episode.

so, back to what i said: 20+ effects sequences. meredith was kind enough to do the majority of rotoscoping on 4 of those shots, and austin got in on two (he loves his vector painting, so rotoscoping made him unhappy...not that ANYONE is particularly happy to be rotoscoping), but i did the rest of the sequences...when you work, you get hungry. and when you work a LOT, you buy things that are easy to make...this is what i ate almost every night. YUM

when you rotoscope, you work a lot. and when you work a lot, you buy things that you THINK are easy to make until you realize way too late that you hit an extra "0" on the microwave timer, and the house fills with smoke. YUM.

i'm sure there are one or two more production stills floating around here or there, but i'm not sure how interesting they are. that and i'm not really sure that anyone actually READS this thing anyway.


Kim Huston said...

A few more subtle advertisements on the 101forum should do the trick!

...the trick of getting people to read it, that is.

K-K said...

I read. Not stop now.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I read.