STAN 14 props

so here some props of note from The Defenders Of Stan episode 14. by "some," i mean "the only," and by "of note," i mean "that we bothered to take pictures of."

Harry The Herring loves his cereal. Nothing says production value like kinkos and gluesticks. i realize now how weird it is that i gave a fish eyebrows.

as Stan flies, in Captain Ultra's body, to Ultra's place of business, the League Of Extraordinary Justice, we get a glimpse of this sign which i modeled in Cinema4d. it makes me smile, though i'm sure it gets overlooked. those are the best kinds of effects: the ones nobody ever sees.


i totally forgot about these, so i've added them to this post rather than a whole new blog post.These are the cigarettes that Stan, in Captain Ultra's body, unsuccessfully endorses. Ultra brand Ultra Lights. now, for any of you that are smokers, everyone knows that whether you're talking about $6.00 Nat Sherman's to $2.15 USA's (i'm from VA, so prices may seem low), EVERY single box says "20 Class A Cigarettes." i just find it amusing that the cheapest of the cheap, the ones that you KNOW are giving you instant cancer and taste like the bottom of a week old ashtray from waffle house, STILL say "Class A."

which just leads me to think: "what would a Class B cigarette be like?" surely, it's whatever is making Stan hack up his lungs and his lunch. Maybe just ground glass and sand and turkish blend burlap reside in Class B cigarettes along with hypodermic needles and sars. who knows. but i'm sure its this lack of care and quality in a product that Captain Ultra would sign off on.

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